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Bobbie J. Neubert
Dr. Xueming Xu
Bobbie J. Neubert
Co-Founder  •  Chief Executive Officer  •  Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Bobbie J. Neubert is co-founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Financial Officer of Real Earth Models. Ms. Neubert's leadership and vision form the cornerstone for REM's strength and growth. Her high energy, unique perspective, and future–oriented vision, drive REM's most forward-thinking development opportunities in visualization technology. In this certified Women-owned Business Enterprise (WBE), Ms. Neubert is responsible for all aspects of business performance and efficiency, including overseeing daily operations and directing the company's financial strategy.

Ms. Neubert is a visionary entrepreneur with extensive experience in establishing successful start-up companies including Real Earth Models, LLC and Signal One International, LLC. In each company, she has served as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer. Ms. Neubert's experience in business management and finance spans more than 3 decades and includes management of privately owned oil and gas companies as well as investment portfolios. She is a third-generation oil business executive with expertise in the development of oil, gas, coal and mining exploration, drilling, testing, negotiating, purchasing, and selling. She currently manages and/or operates 150 oil and gas properties.

At Signal One International, LLC, founded in 2008, Ms. Neubert is focused on a variety of business interests relating to the trade of oil and gas and the establishment of programs that facilitate ecologically sustainable business development and economic growth in emerging countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Ms. Neubert also initiated the Signal One International Foundation for Education and Outreach. The Foundation will develop and implement technology-based education programs and outreach activities for the advancement of education in the arts, sciences, and cultural heritage awareness.

Ms. Neubert completed studies in industrial engineering at Purdue University. After receiving her bachelor’s degree, she continued with graduate work in GIS technology at the University of Texas at Dallas.

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Xueming Xu, PhD
Co-Founder  •  Chief Technology Officer  •  Sr. Vice President of Research & Development

Dr. Xueming Xu is co-founder, Chief Technology Officer, and Sr. Vice President of Research and Development at Real Earth Models. His pioneering research has been instrumental in the development and growth of the company. He guides REM's 3D laser scanning and modeling projects as well as projects utilizing 3D PhotoReal™ technology.

Dr. Xu has a multi-disciplinary background in geospatial information sciences that includes GIS/GPS applications, digital mapping, laser scanning technology, and 3D mapping and modeling. Dr. Xu's work comprises nearly two decades of experience in GIS and GPS, including projects to build dozens of GIS databases and maps of regions around the world. Applying his training in computer science, Dr. Xu designed and wrote the software that has made digital acquisition successful. He developed the algorithms and programming that form the basis of 3D PhotoReal™ modeling and mapping. Dr. Xu's multiple capabilities in geospatial science also serve numerous technical operations at Signal One International (SOI).

  • As co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at REM, Dr. Xu leads several development projects in digital visualization technology using GIS/GPS and cutting-edge equipment. These projects include the development of innovative techniques designed to aid architectural and engineering teams in the building renovation, preservation, and construction industries. Other projects in development involve virtual museum staging for caves and other underground structures. Advances in visualization technology emerging from these and other projects under Dr. Xu's development, position REM at the forefront of technology.
  • As Senior Science Officer at SOI, Dr. Xu guides all operations in GIS/GPS, and laser scanning technology. He heads projects specifically in GIS planning, development, and implementation using advanced scientific tools, to provide vital economic, environmental, and social information to governments, organizations, and companies.
  • As Research Scientist at the Center For Lithospheric Studies at The University of Texas at Dallas, Dr. Xu conducted extensive GIS/GPS mapping. His work included the building of GIS geological and geophysical databases for Mexico and China, the creation of 3D digital geologic models, as well as research in geology and petroleum resource exploration in the United States and in countries throughout the world. His work further included ground-based LiDAR imaging and development of a LiDAR/photorealistic geospatial reference system for an investigation of the biocomplexity of extreme environments. Dr. Xu designed and implemented a real time 3D mapping system (CYBERMAP, through ESRI MapObjects) to integrate laser rangefinders, GPS (RTK or DGPS) and GIS on field computers. This system enables users to map, display, and analyze 3D spatial features in real time in the field.

Dr. Xu's work is published in numerous journals and he has instructed several seminars and short courses at leading universities on topics including: Digital Mapping Methods, GPS Satellite Surveying Techniques, GIS in Geosciences, GIS Data Acquisition in the Field, and Using Robotic Laser Scanners.

Dr. Xu completed Ph.D. studies at the University of Texas at Dallas in Geosciences (GIS/GPS/ REMOTE SENSING). He earned his M.S. at Nanjing Institute of Geology and Paleontology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and B.S. at Nanjing University, China.

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